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No Quarter: Dominium (The Complete Series) was awarded the International Review of Books award through BooksGoSocial. Please find the editorial review below:


No Quarter: Dominium The Complete Series was a very good pirate romance novel. This edition combines the six volumes it was originally released as to a single novel. It follows a small group of pirates (and their birds), strumpets and escaped slaves as they try to make their way to freedom in 1600’s Caribbean. It is a non-traditional romance novel, with political intrigue and pirate battles to round out the action.


The political scheming is intricate, but not over-whelming. There are a small number of players in the political arena, and their motives are explained well.  The pirate ship battles are vividly described, with enough details about the vessels that even someone who knows nothing about ships (me!) can follow them.


It was well-balanced between romance, politics, fighting and character building. By the end of the books, I felt I knew the characters well, and I cared about what happened to them.  There were several characters that I especially was interested in, and I was saddened by some of their actions. I was amused that the birds were characters of their own, and seemed to have motivations as well.


The story felt historically true to me, with nothing jarring that took me out of the time and place it is set in. It did make me wonder, however, how people actually lived in that time, and how they were able to deal with the issues that were a part of life back then. 


In all, it was an extremely good series, and I will be looking for more books by these authors. I really enjoyed reading this book. 

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