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No Quarter: Wenches - A Piratical Suspenseful Romance

Behind every successful pirate is a cunning wench! The adventures in the Caribbean continue in Port Royal, Jamaica. In 1689, Atia Crisp finds herself imprisoned in the wickedest city on earth, Port Royal, Jamaica, while the refugees from Strangewayes’s plantation in the Blue Mountains are on the run and seeking a new home, deep in the Caribbean. Captain Jean-Paul la Roche must get them to safety and find a way to liberate the woman he loves while waging a war against the English with the pirate Laurens de Graaf. While besieged people suffer and starve, a group of women form a secret and illegal society deep from within the bowels of the city called: Wenches. A network that deals with smugglers, merchants, cutthroats and thieves. Dragged into the struggle for supremacy of the Caribbean, the women are divided and find themselves engulfed in bloodshed. The pirates of Port Royal and former enemies may be their only hope of escape.

This book has been awarded a gold quality mark through BooksGoSocial, their highest award. The ebook, paperback and hardcover versions contain 47 unique illustrations!

No Quarter: Wenches - The Complete Series is available in ebook, hardcover, paperback and audiobook on

No Quarter: Wenches - Volume 1 is available for free at here

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